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Sep 29, 2010 5:30am EDT
that showed up. yesterday, in an interview with the st. petersburg times, evan longoria said it's embarrassing and disheartening fans are not showing up. we go out there and play hard for 162 games and for the fans to show the kind of support they're showing right now, you kind of wonder what else you have to do as a player. longoria wasn't the only one to speak out about the lousy attention, rays' star pitcher tweeted his disgust saying had a chance to clinch a postseason spot tonight with 10,000 fans in the stands, embarrassing. he said he was trying to fire up his fans to come out. it didn't work. price on the mound, here he is, a strikeout, eight innings striking out eight in the fifth. karl crawford hit a solo home run to right field. the braves clinch the playoff berth in front of a crowd of nearly 18,000. that's better than the other night. about 5,000 more than the average season attendance. 13,000 a night on average coming out. not good. according to st. petersburg times, the rays' ownership will give out 20,000 free tickets to tonight's game, the last home game of the season. >>> the
Sep 1, 2010 7:30pm PDT
to be applied and uncontrolled crossing, but not necessarily multilane. and some near st. petersburg, where i live use that and i will say that now. >> we have until 3:30, and i want to be sure we have time for questions. and before i hand this to maggie, i want to make my own observations and like jack, i work for the city. and for san francisco, there are two things that i am thinking about differently, one is outreach, and be sure that we look at the true nature of san francisco and the languages, and the preparing of outreach materials. and the second one is education, and that's a two way thing and i started to write down the community and policy makers. and often in san francisco the community is the policy maker and the planners are the community. that gives us a new way to look at two different things, maggie. >> i would like to encourage as many of you as possible, and if you can't go, tell your colleagues, and other members, if you are a member of an advocacy group, to go to this workshop, it's a big investment of time, three days, but what we were talking about and what david talke
Sep 22, 2010 7:00am EDT
think belongs to russia. >> in this shipyard in st. petersburg, they are preparing for the big push towards the north pole. they are building floating nuclear power stations, due to be deployed in the arctic to provide electricity and heating. >> [speaking foreign language] >> it has great potential, making it possible to extract oil and gas. we need to ensure a reliable energy supply there. >> with all this hard work, russia's goal seems clear, to control the bulk of the resources in the arctic. >> canada wants to assert its control on the potentially lucrative shipping route. >> welcome to the hudson bay explorer, a tugboat heading north toward the arctic circle. we are about 15 miles off the western shore of canada's bay. it is an area that's very inaccessible. there are no roads, but there are people who live along that shore. take a look behind us. we are pulling an enormous barge that carries cars and construction materials. for those communities, this is the only way of getting the materials to them. this is a vital supply line. in a few weeks, this journey would not be possi
FOX News
Sep 13, 2010 6:00pm EDT
vines. charlie crist says he's never more than a phone callaway. . the st. petersburg time says he's less and less time in office as he campaigns for senate. he's always in the loop, quote, i've been in constant touch with the office every day, several times a day, as long as i've got my phone with me, i'm never not governor. his opponents don't see it that way. marco rubio's campaign recalled his 2006 pledge to come to work every day, saying, quote, it's clear that's just another thing he was willing to say to get elected and the democratic kendricks meeks spokesman says he prefers to run for office rather than sitting in one. and a fellow democrat and former president bill clinton, even joked about the monica lewinsky affair, the scandal, he was responding to this ad by republican challenger meg whitman who used an old clip from 1992 debate between brown and clinton. >> jerry i brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13 which lowered taxes which he opposed and now he's going around and taking credit for it. >> bret: br
Sep 26, 2010 11:00am EDT
and cable manage in. tamp, media critic for the "st. petersburg times." here in washington, executive producer of "bbc america's" "bbc world news america." are you feeling their pain? you got sacked as producer of the news six months after couric's debut. can be a brutal business. >> i was looking at my iphone friday and thought, boy, this is not a good day to be a middle aged white media executive. i was attempted to hide under the desk. sure, nobody likes to get fire department. -- fired. i didn't and i'm sure these guys didn't. john and jeff were in the jobs probably longer than anybody should reasonably expect in this day and age. this is a volatile, tough business, and a particularly tough time in a tough business. this is not the last act for either one of them. >> zucker, as i mentioned, wasn't surprised that the axe fell because of comcast spending billions to take over nbc. it's got to be an anxious time for people at nbc news and nbc news in particular because comcast is coming in, and their long-time leader leaving "30 rock." >> yes. and you know, jeff was never going to su
Sep 5, 2010 10:00am EDT
in st. petersburg and moscow and kazan award more than a billion dollars to three shell companies against our companies which we no longer owned. >> so at this point, they have tried to take this money out from your companies. but actually there's no money in your companies because you've transfer it had all back to london and given it back to the investors, correct? >> there wasn't a penny in russia. so the billions in judgments got them nothing from me. they went to our banks looking for assets but there was nothing in the banks. >> at this point you hire a bunch of lawyers in russia. >> the moment they raided the offices but at this point as all these strange court decisions come in and strange transfers of ownership, we hire seven lawyers from four different law firms including one very special man named sergey magnitsky, he was a 36-year-old lawyer at the time working for an american law firm. he was an extremely hard working ernest type people who you could call at 7:00 in the evening when you discover some big question you have and he would cancel his dinner plans and stay
Sep 5, 2010 11:00am EDT
-line quickly and from washington, d.c., to st. petersburg, florida, to stay at a hotel right on the beach in the middle of october, over a long weekend, with a direct flight, you can do it for, if you go as a couple, for less than $350 per person. and that's a pretty decent deal. or you can fly from let's say chicago, and go out to somewhere like reno, nevada, where you've got lake tahoe, i know you love lake tahoe. >> sure do. and you can do that whole thing for about $400. and that's the same four-day weekend, extended weekend, air and hotel included. if you want to get a car if you go to one of the inexpensive car places i mentioned and talk about such as ace or payless and so on, you can get a car for just over $100 and travel around the lake. or on the far west coast, you can, you know, fly out of los angeles and go to albuquerque for a long weekend or up to seattle for long weekend and spend about the same amount of money. >> kachltokay. >> those are options. >> they're good ones. you don't have to go anywhere though. one of the great options avoid airlines, avoid the hidden airline
Sep 22, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. our partner is the "st. petersburg times." it's going to happen af after cy crowley dawkroucrowley does a d >> we miss listening to you guys every day making it make sense. thank you, guys. >>> taking a turn here. the death penalty is never an easy thing to talk about. i'm not saying i have those solutions. i've got thoughtet. [ male anno] marie callender's invites you back to lunch, with a new line of fresh recipes. like chicken teriyaki with water chestnuts. it steams to perfection in minutes, giving the fresh flavors and textures of a homemade meal. marie's new steamed meals. it's time to savor. personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> time now for the x, y, z of it. tomorrow convicted murderer theresa lewis is set for her lethal injection. of course the death penalty is a hot button issue in the united states and indeed around the world as proponents believe it can be a legitimate deterrent to a violent crime. reasons why she shouldn't die tomorrow, among them, she's also expressed
Sep 8, 2010 11:00am EDT
to mention that cnn along with the st. petersburg times is hosting a debate on october 25th for the governor's race in the state of florida. rick scott, who is the republican candidate, has just accepted cnn's invitation. we're waiting for final word from the democrat, but we're hoping to get that soon. that would be hosted and moderated by john king. and that is also a day after the senate debate that cnn plans to host also there with candy crowley. >> this is the spot for the politics. and for the latest political news to go, you know where to go, and your next political update coming up in one hour. to purchase a larger home lg to accommodate their family. matt was a star from start to end. he took care of us. he'll take care of you. we always like to follow up with clients and make sure that they know we're tracking their loan for them, and if there's something that makes more sense for them, we can present that as an option. the surprise was that there were no surprises. they have great technology, but they have people like matt. that's what makes the difference. it's a
Sep 26, 2010 6:00pm EDT
with missile defense. st.ent to russia, moscow, pete petersburg earlier this year. there are parts of the treaty that says we would not be able to continue to defend ourself as a nation. to me, the start treaty is about how many nuclear weapons we have and how many the russians have. it is not about how we can defend ourselves. we need to defend ourselves against everybody, not just focus on the russians. i do not think we should limit our defense. that is my concern. that is why i voted against it. that is why i voted against it. >> i heard a lot of questions about the senate dynamic. given the scope of the problems that this country has run out, is it better tactically for them to get closer, but not take the majority in 2012 than it would be to take out the senate out right right now? >> i would say probably yes in that, in the senate, as the senator said, it is much easier to play defense. the power to say no is the real value of the vote in the senate. to the extent that you make plans and devise strategy and you quit your caucus and you present proposals and then the other si
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
rated. >> they said -- this is "the st. petersburg times" warns that you may have been responsible for this apartment complex and in the end forced to write off entire $250 million investment. were there mistakes made as you sat on that board of three overseeing that pension? >> well, let me tell you what happened as a result of some mistakes that were made shortly after i took office four years ago. i asked for the resignation of the xekdive director and he is gone. we have a new executive director of our pension fund now. >> all right. i also wanted to ask you about this. checking the accuracy of another ad talking about your time when you were an executive. and they questioned whether or not it was a good idea to be talking about laying off people which you had to do when you were in charge and making money and how well that sits with the voters in florida. what's been the response when people question, hey, do you understand the plight of the little guy if you had to oversee layoffs? >> well, absolutely. i estimate as many as 100,000 people here in florida over the course of my
Sep 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
to build a big highway between moscow and st. petersburg. the environmentalists said it's a bad idea. in the old days, the mayor said let's build it, forget about them. you had medvedev saying no, let's put it on hold, maybe we ought to think about this. so you had the mayor of moscow saying the president is weak and it would be better when we had putin. let's go back to putin. you couldn't have that if dmitry medvedev as president of russia was going to survive and be influential. it was really a showdown and he had to win it. there was no guarantee that he would, but he did. so now i think you'd have to say it's score a big point for dmitry medvedev who could run in 2012 for president again. also you had president -- i should say prime minister putin tacetally saying, all right, fire the mayor. so the tandem continues, put putin-medvedev. >> any effect with the u.s. in terms of relations between these two countries? obviously it doesn't seem like the kind of thing the u.s. would be too fond of. >> reporter: no, but they all have international implications. and i think medvedev beca
Sep 15, 2010 7:00am EDT
president obama is proposing? -- is proposing. host: st. petersburg, florida. david, what do you think about extending the tax cuts? caller: we need to do more. we need to tax cuts -- cut taxes more. we need to cut government spending. you know, it is not the government's money, it is my money. the people i employ appreciate the fact that i pay them host: you have had the bush tax cut since 2003. what are you doing with that extra money? caller: i bought a building, a renovated the building. my insurance costs are up because of obamacare. and iuilt a building, hired dozens of construction people to do this. i increased my business staffed by six people, and there is an empty lot next door. i would then like to franchise my building across the tampa bay area. if you put money in my pocket, do not deregulate me, i could do far more than the government could ever do. host: one more question for you. as we look at a chart of those that make more than $250,000, and you look at the difference between the bush tax cuts and obama plan, it is an negligible difference. if you are going to be paying $6
Sep 30, 2010 7:00am EDT
settlement to their array of services more recently. host: st. petersburg, jeff. caller: good morning. i would like to find out more information or advice to young people or young family members that find themselves in debt. you have to pay your debt off, at the same time it seems like the banks have a lot of predatory lending practices towards the young people. you try to get them to pay it off or they will eventually fall so far behind their stuck between a rock and a hard place. guest: that is a very hard question. one of them that is targeting done people as around student credit cards that limited the marketing students that credit card companies could do on college campuses, ltd. the way that credit card companies and college campuses could interact. there are things that are happening on a national scale to help protect some of the most honorable consumers out there. host: ylan mui has been with us talking about the debt settlement companies and new rules regarding the companies. thank you. please come back. please come back.
Sep 4, 2010 7:00am EDT
bobby quiet about jack's affairs. host: let's go down to the republican line with don in st. petersburg. you're on the air. caller: and i have question for mr. peters. i read something the other day that president eisenhower tried to have the civil rights bill passed in the late 1950's, and it was killed in the senate by lyndon johnson, and then in 1963, johnson got it passed in the senate, 1963 or 1964, and then he took credit for it for the rest of his life. is that correct? guest: that's not correct. in 1957, under johnson's leadership and with only tepid support from eisenhower, johnson passed the civil rights bill of 1957, which, to me, remains one of the miracles of american legislation, because to anybody who lived through the 1950's as i did, and was working in a legislature, as i was, knew the tremendous difficulty of passing any liberal bill in that cautious atmosphere. this was the mccarty era. people were petrified of doing anything that seemed very liberal. johnson got the united states congress on record as saying these civil rights actually existed, people had the right t
Sep 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> i read the st. petersburg times last night, saying he apologized for criticizing this speech yesterday, saying barack obama wanted to indoctrinate america's children and make them socialists. >> last year, when he was the high flying chairman of florida, he was the national figure, demonizing the president's attempts to turn all our school children into readers of mao's little red book. >> he backed off of that. >> and put in the corner with dunce caps. >> he apologized and said -- >> glenn beck backed off calling the president a racist. >> that's a good thing. >> my theory, jim greer is an ally. my theory is the republicans are trying not to make a big deal of it this year because they want to talk about the economy and don't want anything to distract. >> he's not an evil socialist. an evil socialist would be far more effective, the maneuvers of washington d.c. >> he's an ineffectual friendly socialist. >> he's not a socialist. >> sports. >> sports heals. >> it brings us together. >> willie, for just three hours, we are all one nation. >> the good people of louisiana. >> let
Sep 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
, past the hour. time to take a look at the morning papers. let's start with the "st. petersburg times." a permanent cement plug has sealed bp's well for good in the gulf of mexico. five agonizing months after an explosion sank a drilling rig and led to the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. >> "usa today," fund-raising for midterm congressional election ss smashing records as republicans and allies stage an all-out push to seize control of congress. >> so far house republicans have the edge, though, raiseing more than $365 million since january of 2009. >> the rank raj daily news has this as their headline, senator lisa murkowski and challenger joe miller hit the national talk shows on sunday. murkowski called miller extreme while miller claimed federal unemployment benefits are not -- it was nice of them to do the sunday shows, though. because there were some candidates who were lined up on the major sunday talk shows and canceled, just canceled. >> she was exhausted. >> she's busy. >> she has a good sense of irony. after the talk of the satanic picnics, she said in a statemen
Sep 1, 2010 10:00am EDT
of the goals. yesterday we had meetings at the university of south florida, st. petersburg. but today we are meeting of the gulf of mexico institute in biloxi, mississippi, and also meeting at tulane university. the goal is to understand the work in progress, aspirations and any value add we can gain talkative at conditions involved in trying to understand the presence of hydrocarbons. this will allow us to better understand what kind of threat remains out there. this will also set the stage for long-term natural resource damage assessment and an a long time sampling requirements that might need to be carried out under the shift to the natural resources damage assessment. i've got a couple of charts that indicate some of the density of some of the testing. these relate to testing anywhere from using autonomous underwater vehicles to collect samples, to putting down crab traps in and around the coastal areas, snare booms, these little pompom-tight booms where the oil sticks to it and you put up occasionally to see if there is any oil that came into contact. it also includes testing that h
Sep 1, 2010 1:00pm EDT
questions, u.s. officials in moscow and st. petersburg confirmed that several gatherings took place across russia to demonstrate support for article 31 of the russian constitution. according to our embassy, dozens of protesters were detained in both cities. article 31 guarantees the russian citizens the right to gather peacefully without weapons and to hold meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches, and pick it. since 2009, russian citizens have been holding similar rallies on the 31st day of every month that has 31 days. the united states reiterated the importance of embracing and protecting a universal values, including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. >> that is all very interesting. what do you make of the fact that all these people were detained? we -- >> we are concerned about the actions from the russian government in recent years. shrinking the space for civil society. we have concerns about intimidation of citizens, intimidation of journalists, intimidation of non- governmental operators who are working on behalf of the russian people. it is part of our ongoing dial
Sep 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
in the "st. petersburg times," evan longoria said it's embarrassing and disheart ending that fans don't show up to the games. we play hard for 162 games and for the fans to show the kind of support they're showing right now, you kind of wonder what else you have to do as a player. longoria was not the only player to speak out about the ray's lousy attendance. pitcher david twice, the ace of the staff, tweeted this. had a chance to clinch a postseason spot with about 10,000 fans in the stands, embarrassing. price later apologized. longoria said he was trying to rally the fans at the stadium. didn't quite work last night. the rays did clinch behind david price's left arm. here he is get ag strikeout. carl crawford's solo home to right field. rays won the game 5-1. they clinch the play-off berth. about 18,000, still 5,000 fewer. >> where are the fans? >> florida cannot draw baseball fans, whether it's the marlins or the rays. >> great young team last year. great young team this year. great young team going forward. no fan support. they shouldn't be in tampa bay. they should not be. >> it is so
Sep 17, 2010 6:00am EDT
signs and fascist charges. >>> "st. petersburg times," one in seven americans living in poverty according to numbers released by the census bureau. 39.8 million americans lived in poverty last year. that's the most in the 51 years since the government has kept such numbers. the government defines the poverty line as just under $22,000 a year for a family of four. >> let's keep that up for a second. pat buchanan, talk over that. a lot of people will want to blame barack obama if they're republicans or george w. bush if they're democrats. this is something coming for a quarter century. i went back and reread your book, one of your books, and, my god -- in fact, let's talk to pat here. pat, you've been warning about this for a quarter century. the manufacturing base collapses. working class americans lose their jobs. the unemployment rate, by the way -- talking to jeb bush the other day. he said unemployment rate for college students -- college-educated people, 4%. who is getting hurt? working class americans are getting killed by this recession. >> this is why i've got this 20-yea
Sep 29, 2010 11:00am EDT
and colonial beach, st. mary's too. moderate and even heavy rain down through the northern neck and down around petersburg. biggest rain further south down around florida. that low pressure system off the coast of north carolina that's what's bringi the rain to our area right now. the bigger rains will come from tropical storm nicole. it makes its way up the coast, about a bra and will bri a lot of rain through the areas thrgh the east probably as much rain as what they normally see in a month coming to them in a day. temperatures outside right now at 69 degrees. in fairfax, franconia and maryfield at 66 degrees. la plataat 66. montgomery, laytonsville at 67. moderate to heavy rain coming in to the area later this evening. 69 to 73 your temperature for today, the high temperature will be just a tad warmer tomorrow but that will be tropical air, very humid, very wet and some wind to deal with too. we'll talk more about that storm system coming up. >> kind of what it felt like yesterday. >> exactly. what we got with the remnants of the last tropical storm. more windand rain area wide with this sy
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)